Wednesday, February 28, 2007


For the past couple of years, the stock of our area's representative in Congress Adam Putnam (R-Bartow) has been rising among the Republican leadership, and it paid off late last year after he was named Chairman of the House Republican Conference Committee. His red-headed mug is beginning to be seen more on the national news programmes, but Putnam is beginning to realize that the bigger the spotlight, the brighter the glare is.

Last week Keith Olbermann, the former ESPN SportsCenter anchor now doing the hour long news programme Countdown on MSNBC, focused on young Mr. Putnam, giving him the gold medal in his daily "Worst Person In the World" feature. Here is the piece from the Web site of Mr. Olbermann's programme:

But our gold-medalist Congressman Adam Putnam of Florida -- chairman of the House Republican Conference Committee, one of the guys who ran with, and pushed, the phony Nancy Pelosi plane request story.

He's now admitted to the Tampa Tribune newspaper that he not only doesn't know if the story was true... he doesn't care.

He read it in the Moonie Paper in Washington. [A reference to the conservative Washington Times, which is owned and operated by Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church]

Don't know if it's true...don't care if it's true.

Watch this man. He could be nominated for President some day.

Congressman Adam Putnam of Florida... today's Worst Person In The World!

Hey, friends, there shouldn't be any surprise's simply standard operating procedure for the far right. The truth doesn't matter; only if the result is to discredit your opponent. If you're reading this and are in the 12th Congressional District of Florida, realize that it's time to return some credibility to the seat that is supposed to be our representation in Washington.


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