Monday, August 14, 2006


1) You can tell when PBS stations are into their membership/pledge/fundraising drives when you see a lot of music specials. Celtic Women, Andre Bocelli, Roy Orbison, The 60's Connection...if you live in the Tampa Bay area, chances are you will see one or all of these shows on either or both of the market's two PBS affiliates.

Anyway, I was watching The 60s Connection last evening, which features a number of singers and groups from that decade in rock/pop music, and saw the reformed Association, who made hits with songs such as Wendy, and I noticed that today singer Russ Guigere closeup looks like a cross between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

2) Here's a great quote to keep close at hand. An old college friend and longtime broadcast voice of the University of Southern Mississippi athletics, John Cox, lost his mother 12 years ago, and now closes every broadcast with this reminder:

"This is John Cox, reminding you of the three essentials of happiness ---- something to do, something to love and something to hope for."