Sunday, August 27, 2006


As I mentioned a few days ago, my posts here would be affected by my work schedule, as I am doing a lot of overtime this pay week so that the project we are working on is done on time. That means the Sunday Florida Editorial Roundup will not be seen in it's usual form this week. Unfortunately, with my expanded work schedule for the next few days, I simply do not have the 2-3 hours required to put it together this time. But don't think this is the beginning of a trend. It will be back in form next Sunday morning.

Now, getting into endorsements to begin this last week of early voting before the primary...

The Lakeland Ledger adds it's voice to those recommending retired admiral LeRoy Collins, Jr. in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate.

In Jacksonville, the Florida Times Union offers no clear endorsement in the U.S. Senate race, noting that frontrunner Congresswoman Katherine Harris "commands most of the spotlight in this primary", but that either Collins or Pinellas County businessman Peter Monroe "are preferred choices in this primary". In another statewide race, the T-U gives it's nod to State Representative Randy Johnson of Celebration in the GOP primary for State Chief Financial Officer.

Meanwhile, the Orlando Sentinel is endorsing Will McBride in that GOP Senate race, the first recommendation he has received among Florida newspapers. The endorsement notes that "he has shown admirable independence in calling for a more balanced approach to immigration reform than the security-only plan that Ms. Harris voted for in the U.S. House" and that "Mr. McBride's declared commitment to ethics and lobbying reform also is welcome, given the ethical questions swirling around Ms. Harris. And he recognizes the practice in Congress of secretly steering federal dollars to pet projects is a corrupting process, and needs to be eliminated."

Today's Miami Herald offers it's endorsements in the gubernatorial primaries. On the Republican side, it gives the nod to Attorney General Charlie Crist, as every major newspaper statewide that has endorsed on this race has done. On the Democratic side, the endorsement goes to State Senator Rod Smith.

And I'm sure Smith will be disappointed to know that one of his North Florida newspapers, the Tallahassee Democrat, has endorsed primary opponent Congressman Jim Davis, calling him "a strong choice for Democrats". And it refers to AG Charlie Crist as "the easy choice" for the Republican nomination for Governor of Florida.

Enjoy your Sunday, and remember those of us working hard...


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