Thursday, August 24, 2006


The Democratic debate last night between Congressman Jim Davis and State Senator Rod Smith showed us one thing...that both men agree more than they disagree on most major issues. The candidates did trade barbs, with Davis picturing his opponent as a tool of U.S. Sugar Corporation, which has paid for an ad campaign on his behalf, and Smith's focusing on the Tampa congressman's poor attendance record in the House.

Davis was a bit more articulate in his presentation than I had actually expected, but both men stumbled on several occasions during the live telecast. And while this seems odd, Smith's thick eyebrows tended to distract this viewer.

Who won? I can't say there was a clear winner. The candidates can simply hope and pray that the 40 to 55 percent of "likely Democratic voters" who stated in recent polls that they were still undecided will show up September 5

Here are some of the news reports from this morning's Florida newspapers:

St. Petersburg Times (Alex Leary & Jennifer Liberto): Davis -vs- Smith gets a bit testy

Tampa Tribune (Michael Fechter & William March): Davis -vs- Smith

Associated Press (Brian Skoloff): Smith, Davis criticize each other on records, enviroment

Orlando Sentinel (Jason Garcia): Davis, Smith turn up heat in TV showdown

Tallahassee Democrat (Bill Cotterell): Democrats pick apart each other's records

Miami Herald (Beth Reinhard & Mary Ellen Klas): Davis, Smith trade volleys during debate

And allow me to recommend this summary from the Tampa-based blog The State of Sunshine.


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