Friday, August 25, 2006


The Daytona Beach News Journal endorsed State Senator Rod Smith two weeks ago in the Democratic primary for governor. Today, it calls on him to denounce a series of television ads and mailers funded by an "issue group" with ties to U.S. Sugar Corporation and other agricultrual interests. The ads attack Congressman Jim Davis' attendance record in the House of Representatives, as well as some of his votes. The television ad, which ends with the announcer saying "Maybe we should be glad Jim Davis rarely shows up for work", was pulled this week by Fox owned-and-operated station WTVT in Tampa.

The opinion ends that "We stand on that recommendation. But we find his tacit approval of the Big Sugar attack ads disturbing. Smith should denounce them."

The state senator was asked Wednesday night about the ads during the debate, to which he responded that he doesn't control what another organization puts out, but that his staff checked out the facts and found they were factual.


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