Monday, May 22, 2006


While I was hoping he wouldn't do it, Mike has said his farewell to the blogosphere at Florida News, which he made into one of the best damn political blogs around the Sunshine State.

It will be a big loss, and I can only hope that those of us who care about the political life of our area and state can bring our own work to the same level that Mike did with his blog.

I am humbled to be mentioned as one of the blogs Mike watched early on, and thank him for the kind words. Florida News was certainly one that I read and enjoyed, and often relied on for information not found anywhere else. I can only wish that he would reconsider, but life looms ahead.

Of course, those of us who write and read blogs throughout the state and beyond congratulate Mike on his graduation from Florida State University. It is certainly a great accomplishment, and this University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagle is sure I speak for many here in wishing him all the best in his future endeavours...and please...don't be a stranger.


Blogger Mike said...

I won't! I'll continue to read. Thanks for the kind words.

9:38 PM  

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