Saturday, November 13, 2004

Vice President Dick Cheney checked himself into a Washington hospital today complaining of shortness of breath.

That has already brought out posts on various message boards discussing "What If?" As in what if Cheney decides to resign or worse.

My take is:

1) Cheney will never willingly resign. He would have to either become unable to perform his duties or be carried out in a coffin before that happens.

2) If either were to happen, Amendment XXV of the Constitution provides for the President to nominate a Vice President, who would have to be approved by BOTH houses of Congress.

3) Just the possibility of that happening should send chill bumps down your spine. With the so-called Christian Right claiming a major role in the reelection of the President, this would be the perfect sceanrio for them to demand payback. Just think of someone like a John Ashcroft being nominated to the nation's second highest office. TRULY SCARY!!!


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