Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A lot of people, myself included, enjoy watching what is generally considered the gold standard of news as presented by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). For many years "The Beeb" has held a reputation of presenting a much wider picture of the world in a truly honest and fair manner.

It looks as though BBC may face the same fate as it's American broadcast counterparts, as the Evening Standard of London is reporting that the UK's government-run service is expected to chop off up to 50% of it's total workforce. The action is being taken in advance of a government review of it's royal charter, which is schedule for 2006.

Another source of good news on "the telly" is "The National", the nightly news broadcast of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Anchor Peter Mansbridge has become a favourite of mine, a no-nonsense presenter in the tradition of Walter Cronkite and Tom Brokaw. The only thing is: You either have to have digital cable if you live in areas served by Bright House Networks in Tampa Bay (on Newsworld International), or you can watch online.

It's always interesting to see what the view of America is from the outside...

And it's always newsworthy when a celebrity from the entertainment world comes to visit Polk County. The Winter Haven News Chief noted today that Jane Seymour, best known in recent years for her television role as "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman", was the featured guest at Winter Haven Hospital's 15th Annual gala fundraiser. The proceeds will be used to support the hospital's soon-to-be open heart surgery centre.


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