Saturday, October 13, 2007


First, let me once again thank everyone who visits this spot for dropping by, and let you know that I sincerely appreciate your patience with my recent absecnces from this space.

Apparantly, the hard drive on my computer went south a couple of months ago, and is no longer functional. As I have a severely tight budget (you think local governments are having it rough...), it may be some time before I have another computer in my apartment. Until then, the only online access I will have will be a weekly visit to the Lakeland Public Library where I will have one hour to post and take care of other online business.

Most weeks my posts here will be on Saturday, but that may change occasionally due to work and other obligations. I will not be posting the weekend of October 26-27 as I will be at the Florida Democratic Party Convention at Lake Buena Vista. Again, my budget will keep me out of the ticketed dinners and such, but I'll at least get to party to the music of the 70's era band Orleans.

Thanks again for coming by, and please keep checking he each weekend.


Congratulations to former Vice President Al Gore on being a co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with the United Nations Intergovernmential Panel on Climate Change for their work over at least the past two decades to educate America and the world on the issues of global warming and related climate change.

This being a presidential campaign season, there are those who would like to see Gore to use the opportunity that the related press coverage brings from winning one of the world's most prestegious awards to announce his entry into the Democratic race for the White House.

Friends, trust ain't gonna happen.

First, I honestly do not believe that at this point in time Gore has the heart to dive back into the cesspool of presidential politics. He seems to have found his true calling as the public voice warning about our planet's future unless we do something now.

Secondly, I believe that Gore realizes that it is too late now to put together a top tier team (most have already committed to one of the other candidates) and raise the amount of money required to make a serious run at the nomination.

Finally, as a true believer in the global warming/climate change issue, Gore likely realizes that his entry into the presidential campaign would 1) make the issue a polarizing point and 2) make people question Gore's sincerity and motives, thus likely damaging the work he has done.

2012, perhaps?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Last month, Winter Haven and Polk County lost a truly remarkable human being in former postmaster, city commissioner, and mayor Robert "Smitty" Smith when he passed away. Closer to home, I lost a good friend.

"Smitty" gave his all for family, especially his wife of 50-plus years Nancy, and was active in organizations and activities too many to mention here. Regardless of whatever burdens he happened to be saddled with, he always had a smile and a kind word for anyone who came across his path.

When I came to this area in the autumn of 1990, it took a few months before I became ready to start attending meetings and get active. At the Winter Haven City Commission meetings, "Smitty" was the first person who introduced himself and made me feel welcome. A loyal Democrat, we crossed paths at local party meetings and events.

It was very touching to hear relatives and friends talk about Robert during his funeral service, but the words were simply confirmation of the type of man he was. Someone like "Smitty" doesn't come very often, and our friend will be --- already is --- truly missed.

RIP, my friend.