Saturday, October 13, 2007


First, let me once again thank everyone who visits this spot for dropping by, and let you know that I sincerely appreciate your patience with my recent absecnces from this space.

Apparantly, the hard drive on my computer went south a couple of months ago, and is no longer functional. As I have a severely tight budget (you think local governments are having it rough...), it may be some time before I have another computer in my apartment. Until then, the only online access I will have will be a weekly visit to the Lakeland Public Library where I will have one hour to post and take care of other online business.

Most weeks my posts here will be on Saturday, but that may change occasionally due to work and other obligations. I will not be posting the weekend of October 26-27 as I will be at the Florida Democratic Party Convention at Lake Buena Vista. Again, my budget will keep me out of the ticketed dinners and such, but I'll at least get to party to the music of the 70's era band Orleans.

Thanks again for coming by, and please keep checking he each weekend.


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