Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Everyone seemed to get so excited late last week about the prospect of Paris Hilton actually being sentenced to 45 days in jail for violating probation after a series of auto and alcohol related run-ins with law enforcement.

The reality show star and party girl certainly deserves every day of the judge's sentence, especially as it's clear that she shows such disregard for the law. Now only was she over ten minutes late for her hearing Friday (something anyone who has been involved in the legal system should know you don't do), but she was filmed the day before driving her Bentley around Los Angeles in further violation of her probation as her drivers license has been suspended. Even after the judge issued his ruling, Miss Hilton shows no remorse, reportedly being heard making disparaging remarks toward the jurist and over the weekend calling her sentence "cruel"

But...you can make book on the fact that Miss Hilton will spend no more than ten days in the pokey, if even that. Why? Because California jails are so overcrowded, they often kick out criminals with minor offenses who have behaved themselves.

Too bad.

People in the public eye should not be held to a different standard. There's nothing wrong with enjoying life and having a good time, but when one violates the rule of law and society, he or she --- regardless of their standing in life --- should be prepared to recieve and accept the consequences of their error. Do you hear that, Paul Wolfowitz?


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