Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Last evening was the final performances for Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis, the two finalists for this season's singing competition. Personally, Miss Sparks is my winner by a landslide. She simply has an incredible voice that is well beyond her 17 years.

That's not to say that Mr. Lewis doesn't have any talent. While he is a fine entertainer, it is unfortunate that his singing talent --- which is supposed to be what AI is all about --- is weak. Blake has taken several chances during the season; some have worked quite well, and others crashed and burned. His beat-box style is what brought him to this point, but if it isn't used appropriately during a some (timing) or if it is used too much, it can be annoying rather quickly.

If I had the choice to purchase a CD between the two finalists, I'd buy Jordin's release in a heartbeat. I could certainly see her doing musical theatre in addition to what should be a fine pop music career.

UPDATE: Well, it's over, and Jordin won, as she clearly should have. She should do quite well, with the proper guidance.


Blogger Scott said...

I agree with your Idol assessment.

I too have a Florida Blog, enjoy reading yours. Although a Native Floridian I have MS ties from my Mom who is from Biloxi and my wife from Natchez. Went to Ole Miss and know John G. well.

Yours in the Bond

11:58 AM  

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