Thursday, May 17, 2007


In what has to be the most idiotic result in the six seasons of Fox Television's song competition, Melinda Doolittle was eliminated in this week's semifinal. That should mean that 17-year-old Jordin Sparks will easily win in next week's grand finale.

Ms. Doolittle, who has worked as a background singer, was far and away the best and most consistant of the finalists. She was even chosen by judge Simon Cowell as his favourite to make it into the last week of competition. Wheather you love or hate Cowell, you've got to give the man credit; he's been working in the industry as an Artist & Repertoire executive for Sony BMG. Apparantly the teenyboppers flooded the line in favour of Blake Lewis, the beatboxer with only limited true singing talent.

Melinda was certainly my favourite to win it all, although Ms. Sparks has greatly improved her performance over the past several weeks and was beginning to post a real threat. Regardless of what happens now, neither young woman should have much to worry about. Both should enjoy a decent measure of success in the recording studio.

If Blake wins next week...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people fell into the trap of believing Blake's audience was primarily teenyboppers.

He reaches a demographic that AI has heretofore ignored. A lot of viewers, myself included, appreciated the chances he took. Plus, he seemed to have a musical vision of his own. He obviously has talent as more than a singer. He can perform and fit the music to his style. Personally, I think he wanted third. He seemed shocked to make the final two.

Melinda never struck me as someone who would create memorable pop star songs, or give a pop star show.

I was always more a fan of Melinda than LaKisha, but I think they fell into a similar box: "I can sing well, but my personality is barely evident."

Of the three, I think Jordin has the best hope for an AI type career. Blake, no matter how he finishes, will appeal to a select group. Melinda will have an album or two...unless she goes country. Then she'll find her niche.


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