Wednesday, February 21, 2007


For years, many Polk Countians only had one phone book offered to them, the one provided by their local telephone company. For many, that would be Verizon (formerlly General Telephone & Electronics). But as different companies saw the amount of growth across Polk County, the yellow pages business has expanded as well.

In recent years we have seen TransWestern Publishing begin offering it's "Yellow Book". Now, AT&T is expanding it's yellow pages business across much of Central Florida, including Polk County. The Lakeland Ledger reports today that the AT&T subsidiary Yellow has opened an advertising office on South Florida Avenue in Lakeland and plans to print around 695,000 copies of it's book beginning in August.

Don't get me wrong...I have no issues with competition whatsoever. But three yellow page directories in the same area? It just seems like overabundance.


Anonymous Ken Clark said...

Do you really need three phone books? Sure. Why not.

How would you feel in you only had two of whatever to pick from? Just two restaurants. Only two clothing retailers. Only two plumbers. And so on and so on.

Each of those books is different. Many publishers include white pages, some don’t. Some have extensive front of book sections. Some don’t. Some publish in big type, others prefer small type. Some have related websites, and others don’t.

Choice is a good thing. Imagine if we had to limit the number of bloggers out there. Why do we need so many?? Because choices provide variety.

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does it matter? Noone uses phone books anymore anyway. When was the last time you used it for something other than a doorstop?

The reason you see these companies coming here is because yellowpages is extremely profitable and i bet AT & T is looking for a new revenue source.

10:38 PM  
Anonymous tax consultant said...

Small business proprietors are still using yellowpages day in and day out, with more choice like Ken said is 'a good thing". I was doing business in Malaysia and found out the ISP is really oligopoy by a few companies, with 2Mbps download speed for normal business. no choice.. it hurts!

3:02 AM  

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