Friday, February 16, 2007


Getting one's income tax refund is always an exciting time, with everyone in the household filling up their wish list as though it was a second Christmas. In a way, it is.

After getting caught up with the rent and utility bills, we did some shopping. In a couple of ways, I actually entered the 21st Century. Part of my wish list was to get a cellular phone, but I certainly did not want to be stuck with a monthly bill or plans, so I went the prepaid route. It should work out great, as long as I only give out the number to a few people.

The big ticket item this time was a high definition digital TV. No, I couldn't go hog wild and get one of the $1,000-plus jobs, although there was a really nice RCA 50 inch set we wanted for just under $900. We ended up with a Sanyo 36 inch for just under $800...and this situation leads me to my request.

We live in an upstairs apartment near I-4 in north Lakeland, so an outdoor antenna is out of the question. I purchased an indoor antenna (read "rabbit ears") made with HDTV in mind. I can pick up most of the Tampa Bay digital channels (WEDU, WTSP, WTVT, WUSF, WMOR, WTTA, WTOG, WFTT, ION), but I can't get a signal for two major network affiliates (WFLA and WFTS)...and the third (WTSP) can be spotty at times. When I called WFLA to inquire I was told basically it was my antenna. But if that were the problem I would have issues picking up most of those digital signals that I now can get. Can SOMEONE give me some help!


Blogger Bryan said...

All it would take to block the signal is a large structure between you and the transmitter.

If you live in an apartment there isn't much you can do because an outside antenna with a rotor would probably not be allowed by your landlord, and might not help if you can't elevate it above the obstruction.

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