Tuesday, January 30, 2007


From today's editorial in the Hattiesburg American from my hometown in Mississippi:

The year is not even a month old and already a dozen and a half individuals say they want to be elected president. That’s the most recent count by one major network. That’s right, 18, almost evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. Talk about an even playing field.

Of course, that was last week. This is a fluid flirtation for the highest office in the land. Things can change fast. On Wednesday, John Kerry, the unsuccessful Democratic Party presidential nominee in 2004, said he was not going to be a candidate in 2008. Meanwhile, another Republican threw his hat in the ring the same day.

All of which gives us a great idea. Why doesn’t each side – Democrats and Republicans – field a baseball team? Since the first caucuses are in Iowa one year from now, they could dub it “Field of Gleams,” a parody of the popular movie and a harbinger of the smiling presidential faces we’ll see over the next 12 months.

Should the two parties decide to play basketball, each side would have four substitutes. It might bruise the ego of those who aren’t starters but it may encourage them to get on the sidelines a whole lot sooner.

Then there’s football. But since each side needs 11 players, it’s probably best they stick to non-contact sports. Which is probably not the way the 2008 election is likely to turn out.

My friends back home in Mississippi may not be aware that six and eight man football is played in Texas and several other states.

Or, you might call up Vince McMahon at the WWE and have him set up a Royal Rumble event with the candidates...


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