Saturday, January 27, 2007


I was reading the latest post on the Palm Beach Post's political blog Q this evening and noted that Governor Charlie Crist stood up and personally nominated Jim Greer to become the Florida Republican Party's new chairman today during their gathering at Disney's Swan Resort (Greer defeated incumbant Carole Jean Jordan 102-89). A reader replied with glowing praise for the new governor's "nearly unprecedented modern bipartisan approach to governing" and even provided an interesting prediction:

"...Charlie Crist will be a lock to be viewed nationally as a choice pick for any GOP presidential aspirant in 2008 for VeeP running mate. He will smartly allow himself to be courted and firted with — but respectfully decline the opportunity (as he should). He will govern Florida as a powerful statesman with national clout — and, you heard it here first, will be the GOP’s best and brightest choice for President in 2012."

While I can even offer some praise for what he has done so far, one has to remember that Crist has only been in office less than a month. It's a bit early to begin talking national ambitions at this extremely early stage. Give the man time to stand on his own or fall.

One other interesting note: In the RPOF press release announcing the election of Greer and other members of the party's executive team, Ms. Jordan stated that “Chairman Greer will bring to the chairmanship a record of achievement and a positive vision for the future of the Republican Party of Florida...His strong relationship with Governor Crist and our Republican elected leaders, coupled with a business-like approach to the Party, bodes well for both our Party and continued Republican successes in Florida”. However, Q reported that when she was nominated for re-election by several small county party officials after the governor had put Greer's name forward, she accepted saying that “we don’t have time for on-the-job training”.

I laughed at the mention in the St. Petersburg Times' political blog The Buzz noting the final vote of 102-89:

"It was a secret ballot, so we don't know if there turned out to be 18,000 undervotes.Nor do we know if Carol Jean will remain on the governor's Christmas card list."

Probably not, Adam.


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