Thursday, October 26, 2006


The biggest endorsement among the state's newspapers today is the Tallahassee Democrat giving it's nod to Democratic incumbant U.S. Senator Bill Nelson for reelection. The editorial notes his centrist position on many issues, and his willingness to occasionally vote with President Bush, saying that "Mr. Nelson could hardly serve this diverse and cantankerous state by being anything but middle of the road on most issues - and passionate on a chosen few. As he was reduced to acknowledging in this understated statewide debate, Mr. Nelson tries to call 'em as he sees him. Most people think that's an honorable and mature approach to public decision-making".

Also offering it's recommendation for Nelson is Florida Today, which refers to his "outstanding leadership for Florida and belief in working across the aisle for bipartisan solutions on issues that are most important to our state and nation".

Here at home, the Lakeland Ledger announced it's endorsements for the Florida Cabinet races. No great surprise, as Polk County's largest newspaper followed the lead of most other major publications across the state: Democrats Walter G. "Skip" Campbell, Jr. for Attorney General and Alex Sink for Chief Financial Officer, and Republican incumbant Charles Bronson for Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

The Pensacola News Journal echos our local newspaper in two of those races, picking "Skip" Campbell for AG and Charles Bronson for Agriculture & Consumer Services Commissioner (It endorsed Mrs. Sink earlier).

A couple of random notes here:

Katherine Harris actually has one newspaper endorsement so far that we can see. The Frisbee Publishing weekly newspapers in Polk County --- The Polk County Democrat (Bartow), Lake Wales News, and the Fort Meade Leader --- are backing the local girl. S.L. Frisbee, IV publishes the three newspapers from his offices in Bartow, which is Harris' hometown. Of course, Bartow is also the home of Citrus & Chemical Bank, which was founded by Ms. Harris' grandfather, who died earlier this year and whose legacy she was referring to when she talked about spending up to $10 million on her left her from grandpa. The endorsement is nothing more than old school, old money.

The editorial closes:

"We respect Katherine Harris for her integrity, her leadership, her political courage, and her tireless dedication to public service.

"Ours is a voice in the editorial wilderness; we raise it in support of Katherine Harris for the United States Senate."

I won't even respond to the temptation to reply to that "voice in the editorial wilderness" reference.


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