Friday, October 06, 2006


Yesterday was Lakeland's Politics in the Park event at the Lake Mirror Ampitheatre, sponsored by the city's Chamber of Commerce. Candidates for offices from the judicial bench to U.S. Senator gathered to meet and greet the several hundred people who came to either support their favourite candidate or learn more about the men and women who will be on the ballot in just over four weeks.

It was also one of the few occasions where the two main contenders for the U.S. Senate race, Democratic incumbant Bill Nelson and Republican challenger Katherine Harris, appeared together. A third candidate for the Senate seat, independent Roy Tanner, also was present.

While I had every intention to attend, being the political freak that I am, I was unable to do so due to a family issue that came up. It would have been nice to banter with several of the candidates and get to know them a bit better before darkening the ovals beside their names on November 7. Hopefully I'll have another opportunity to do so before then.

Check out Bill Rufty's piece in today's Lakeland Ledger.


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