Sunday, April 23, 2006


A number of Republican activists who don't like the idea of Congresswoman Katherine Harris (R - Longboat Key) as their party's nominee to challenge Democratic U.S. Senate incumbant Bill Nelson have been reportedly pleading with Florida House Speaker Allan Bense (R - Panama City) to consider entering the race for some time now.

With the deadline for qualifying less than three weeks away on May 12, it's clear that those voices may be getting to him. At least, that's what the St. Petersburg Times' political blog The Buzz is implying.

Bense, who has previously said he would not oppose Harris in a GOP primary race, recently spoke with a reporter from the New York Times Regional Newspaper Group and was quoted as saying "If I had to bet, I'm probably at 50-50, but probably inclined to go home...I think we've had a pretty good run so far in the (Florida) House and there's nothing wrong with quitting while you're ahead. But you never know."

The Buzz also reports that while Bense received a standing-o from activists attending a party meeting in Tallahassee, Harris only had sparse attendance at a reception her campaign hosted. Maybe her campaign was just too cheap to provide free snacks and drink, an easy way to gather a crowd. Yeah, believe THAT!

Meanwhile, the Sarasota Herald Tribune political blog Political Insider notes that Nelson's Senate collegue, Republican Mel Martinez, is backing Harris with a $2,100 donation made March 13. The latest reports released by the Federal Election Commission also show that Harris received a $5,000 contribution from a political action committee run by Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist (R - TN) and Senator Jim DeMint (R - SC).


Blogger Self-loathing liberal said...

I think it's quite possible that Bense would be a good alternative. I don't like him though.

Katherine Harris just strikes me as a christian conservative wank who is too busy telling other people how to live their lives to actually do some good for them. If you look at her project vote-smart page, she hasn't really done much of anything in the House. Now compare that to Bill Nelson's record.

I remain... the self-loathing liberal

12:54 PM  

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