Friday, April 21, 2006


This was the first of a three day weekend for me, and I had been enjoying the chance to rest and relax. However, my e-mail contained a very sad bit of news for me.

One of the truly classiest gentlemen that I shall ever know, Floyd Conrad Eaddy, passed away Wednesday of what was described as "a sudden cardio-vascular event".

Mr. Eaddy served as the minister of music for several churches, most recently at Winter Haven's Beymer Memorial United Methodist Church. In addition to his abilities as minister of music, Conrad was also given a truly magical vocal talent, which he used in worship and praise.

While all those that knew him are saddened at his loss, we know that Conrad Eaddy will be rewarded as a loyal and faithful servent. I4J sends it's deepest condolences to his wife, Ruth Ann Eaddy, his family, friends, and all who were touched by his ministry.

His memorial service will be held Saturday (April 22) afternoon at Beymer Memorial United Methodist Church on Lake Howard in Winter Haven.


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