Saturday, February 25, 2006


It's not often that I say that there is a Republican elected official that I would actually like to see and hear, but U.S. Senator and former/probable GOP presidential candidate John McCain is one of them. While there are a number of issues with which I disagree with the honourable Senator from Arizona, he is one of the few nationally known GOP politicos who still hold a much more moderate view of things than his far-right brethren and has generally not abandoned those more centrist views for the sake of convenience. His life story is a truly inspiring one of faith, honour, and never give up, as well.

Senator McCain has been announced as the featured speaker April 8 for the Polk County Republican Party's annual Lincoln Day fundraising dinner at the Lakeland Center (rescheduled from it's original date of February 18). Ticket prices have not been announced as the event has had to be moved to a larger room in the facility...but I would suspect it will set ya back a bit.

So, how does Polk County's GOP get such a notable national name? It was apparantly negotiated with County Commissioner Paul Senft, who happens to be Florida's committeeman on the Republican National Committee.

Senator McCain is only one of three potential (read: likely) 2008 presidential contenders making the tour through Florida. While they are not saying anything about their possible campaigns for the White House, nothing needs to be said. Florida expects to be a major battleground three years from now, and those interested in be a part of it need to get or strengthen their name recognition here now.

Besides McCain, Democratic senate collegue and former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton (D - NY) spoke to the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce on Friday, and makes an appearance at a Florida Democratic Party reception today in Tampa. And former senator from North Carolina/2004 Democratic presidential contender John Edwards spoke to University of Miami alumni.

To use a common saying nowadays..."The Game Is On".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

McCain is not what many Democrats and Independents think he is. Look at his RECORD. He's a hard right winger. He is NOT a moderate.

He's also a loyal Bush supporter, even after they smeared him AND his wife in South Carolina.

Call me old fashioned but any man that would let them do that to his wife - and then literally kiss the man responsible for it - is not deserving of respect in my book.

9:14 PM  

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