Thursday, February 23, 2006


In the midst of all this political news, I've just got to put in something bright. Since I took the day off from the blog here Wednesday, I've selected a great story from the Lakeland Ledger --- "above the fold".

It has been announced that Florida's oldest and longest serving schoolteacher --- and very possibly one of the nation's --- will retire at the end of this term.

Hazel Haley is 89 years young, and will step aside after an incredible 69 years of service to young people, 60 of those at her alma mater, Lakeland High School. She had taught about a half year in Oviedo in Seminole County, and a short time in Moore Haven teaching migrant students, before returning home. Among her students was the late former governor Lawton Chiles, for whom the old LHS campus on North Florida Avenue downtown was named when it was made into a middle school academy.

Ms. Haley has seen a lot, and done a lot, and I4J congratulates her on a wonderful career that she is leaving on her own terms. The Lakeland-based blog Aikane Leo has some fond memories of his former teacher.


Blogger aikane said...

Hey, thanks for the mention. You've been on my blogroll since I got up and running (or rather, crawling).

I appreciate the good work you do. Nice to have you as a neighbor in "imperial" blogland.

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