Monday, February 27, 2006


Lakeland Ledger political columnist Bill Rufty writes in this morning's edition about the behind-the-scenes battles being waged for Florida Senate 2008! Current Senate President Tom Lee (R - Brandon) had to call a closed-door session of the Senate Republican caucus, almost never done under his watch, to insist that the growingly nasty tone of the fight end until at least the upcoming session's end. The 60-day session of the Legislature begins March 7.

It seems that two of the three state senators who represent Polk County are in the midst of it all. Rufty writes that Senate Majority Whip J.D. Alexander (R - Lake Wales) is reportedly gaining a reputation, at least according to one Senate staffer, of being a member "...not being able to keep his word." He had pledged his support to Senator Alex Villalobos (R - Miami) for the 2008 Senate President race, but pulled back his pledge card in favour of Senator Jeff Atwater (R - North Palm Beach), and he Alexander tells Rufty that Villalobos went back on his pledge regarding the issue of school district funding differential.

Meanwhile, Senator Paula Dockery (R - Lakeland) continues to support Villalobos. And both Dockery and Alexander are running for the Senate's presidency in 2010.

Sounds like your usual Tallahassee soap opera. And you thought only Democrats knew how to pull that off...


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