Saturday, September 24, 2005


Several legislators are working on approval next session to put on the ballot a constitutional amendment which would allow homeowners to keep the Save Our Homes property tax break, even after they move.

The proposal attaches the tax break to owners, rather than property, thus preventing the owner from being hit with a huge tax hike when he/she relocates to a new residence within Florida.

Save Our Homes limits increases in a home's taxable value to three percent annually, regardless of how much the property appreciates.

The portability idea has failed twice previously in Tallahassee. State Representative Fred Brummer (R - Apopka), chairman of the House Finance and Tax Committee who has blocked the measure previously, does not like the idea.

"The bill would just hose new homebuyers, renters and business owners. That's where the burden moves to, and it's not fair," Brummer said.

In addition, it would handcuff the state's poorer counties, many of which can only tax a fraction of property value due to Save Our Homes and other exemptions.


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