Saturday, September 24, 2005


Sarasota Herald-Tribune political reporter Jeremy Wallace posted on his Political Insider blog Friday evening the latest numbers on the U.S. Senate race from the GOP-leaning Strategic Visions poll, released Thursday.

The 1,200 likely voters were asked who they would support if the race were between Democratic incumbant Bill Nelson and Republican congresswoman Katherine Harris. Nelson was favoured among 48 percent with 36 percent for Harris and 16 percent undecided. The 12 percent margin is greater than the eight percent difference noted two months ago.

That's also interesting, considering when asked if they approved of Nelson's job performance he only received a 47 percent favourable rating compared to 40 percent unfavourable. In comparision, freshman GOP senator Mel Martinez received a 41 percent favourable rating, with 34 percent unfavourable and 25 percent undecided.

In the governor's race, among Republicans Attorney General Charlie Crist came out on top, favoured by 48 percent of the registered Republicans asked, with Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher receiving 38 percent. Among Democrats asked about their candidates, Congressman Jim Davis is preferred by 26 percent, State Senator Rod Smith receiving 15 percent, and former state Democratic chairman Scott Maddox 12 percent. Many Democrats --- 47 percent --- remain undecided.

The interesting question asked among Democrats only is: Are you satisfied with the three Democratic candidates running for Governor or would you prefer to see someone else run?

The majority --- 58 percent --- answered they would prefer another candidate. Only 32 percent say they are satisfied with the choice of Davis, Smith, and Maddox.


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