Friday, April 01, 2005


Finally, Terri Schiavo is at peace and in a much better place.

The 41-year old woman died Thursday morning after 15 years in what is known as a "consistant vegatative state".

There are a lot of sad stories that played out in this ongoing drama:

--- It is sad that she reportedly suffered from bulima, and that her condition was caused from a stroke which very likely was connected to her condition.

--- It is sad that Mrs. Schiavo did not leave a living will or other written declaration to clearly authenticate her specific wishes if something were to happen.

--- It is sad that the previously warm and loving relationship between her husband, Michael, and her parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, went sour...reportedly over the windfall from Michael's award from the malpractice lawsuits against Terri's doctors and hospital.

--- It is sad that the legislative and executive on both the state and federal level decided to involve themselves in a bitter family feud that was being fought out in the most appropriate place...the state judiciary.

--- It is sad that individuals and groups, such as Randall Terry and Rev. Jesse Jackson, hijacked and used this situation to gain camera time before the national media, and thus advance their own agendas and likely fill their own coffers.

--- It is sad that Michael often came across as a complete jerk, from his decision to move on with his life by entering into a relationship with another woman and fathering two children with her (although he did have the early support of his in-laws to begin seeing other women) to not allowing even one member of her own family to be present at Terri's time of death.

This story is by no means over. I would predict that the Schindlers would eventually file a civil action against their now-former son-in-law, and there will be plenty of time for politicians, activists, and others to debate the issues that this case has brought to the forefront.

But now is not the appropriate time.

I would urge everyone to make the time and consider and --- if you are a religious person --- pray for Michael, the Schindler family, and all of those who have dealt with this extremely painful situation for so long; that, with time, they may all find closure, peace, and eventually forgiveness

And while you're at it, pray for Pope John Paul II, whose condition reportedly worsened overnight. Although the Vatican denied that the Roman Catholic Church's leader had fallen into a coma, his condition is considered "very serious" or "very grave" according to which spokesperson one is speaking with.

While I am not a Catholic, and while I disagree with some of the Holy Father's decisions, I admire much of his work, and will pray for his improved health.

God's will be done.


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