Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I really enjoy watching WFLA-TV 8's morning news program, and it adds some flair when meterologist John Winter has another outrageous piece from his "moron file". This morning, I've got a story to add to that file, thanks to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Seems as though a Fort Lauderdale traffic cop pulled over a motorcyclist speeding ten miles-per-hour above the limit a block away from a hospital. The motorcycle was being driven by a doctor, who was enroute to the hospital to deliver a baby. Apparantly the police officer didn't believe his story, and the good doctor was eventually handcuffed and placed into the cop's cruiser.

After checking out the doctor's story with the hospital, the officer didn't simply let the M.D. go free, but drove him to the hospital, bringing him into the maternity ward still in handcuffs and wearing his helmet! By this time, the baby's head was showing.

The doctor delivered the newborn child 15 minutes later...and still received a traffic ticket. As for the police officer, his bosses call his actions "unexcusable"; he now faces a possible 16 day unpaid suspension for this plus another unrelated incident.


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