Monday, April 18, 2005


The partally submerged body of 13 year old Sarah Michelle Lunde was discovered Saturday morning in water on an abandoned fish farm a very short distance from her home near Ruskin.

Another parent mourning the loss of their beloved child. Another parent asking who would want to murder a child, and why. Another parent who will now ask for justice, and in some way closure.

And another registered sex offender who has admitted to killing the child, in this case saying he did it when they got into an argument while he was looking for her mother, with whom he had a previous relationship.

It was only a few weeks ago that we were seeing an very similar scenario in Citrus County as volunteers looked, hoping and praying for a miracle but eventually disappointed when another young girl --- in that case nine year old Jessica Lunsford --- was found dead so close to her home.

Words are so difficult at a time like this. I pray for Sarah's family and friends, and make sure that I'll hug my beloved four year old granddaughter a little tighter tonight.

Updated Monday, 19 April


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