Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I've watched the ongoing battle over Terri Schiavo and the question of wheather her feeding tube should be removed for awhile now, as many of us have. It's really a sad story, where a woman's life has, for all intents and purposes, ended at it's pinnacle.

I can understand both sides of the issue, with her husband wanting to move on and not allow her to simply survive in a vegatative state for what could be decades longer until she dies natrually. Her parents, hoping against hope that somehow, someway, a miracle will happen that will allow her to come out of her condition on her own or through a medical procedure.

But what does Terri Schiavo really have to live for? Even if she came out of her state today, she would learn that her beloved husband has moved on and has been bangin' another woman for some time...even asking to tie the knot as soon as it is legally permissable (when Terri's in the ground). And if the medical experts haven't found a way to bring her back after 15 years, chances are it will not happen anytime soon. Sometimes it's simply time to let go.

I've updated my "Living Will", and this case should remind everyone to do the same. BTW: I like it when Faux News screws their coverage of the appeals Tuesday they identified Ms. Schiavo in the screen captions as "Mary Schiavo", instead of Terri.


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