Saturday, February 26, 2005


They've FINALLY arrived! The Heart of Florida Girl Scout Council has begun it's annual Girl Scout Cookie fundraising sale, and that means that troops throughout Central Florida will be setting up in front of stores temptin' you with Tagalongs, Thin Mints, and all the other delicious libations to cause you a slight weight gain...but think of it this way: It's helping a really good and fun cause!

I know that other councils across the region may have been holding their sales now for awhile, but it seems that it just begun here in Imperial Polk County this week. Just happening to have stopped at a local Publix for a few items, I came across a small group of Girl Scouts and their moms just setting up. Needless to say, FOUR boxes of cookies were MINE in no time! I knew that the family would be devouring of 'em immediately, and of course almost every one is now GONE!

Looks like I'll have to get a couple of more boxes of Tagalongs, and put 'em under lock and key as a "private stock".


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