Friday, January 14, 2005


In Tampa Thursday, a man allegedly tried to abduct a 14 year old girl from her school bus stop. It wasn't the first time, as students at the stop had mentioned that he had been hanging around since before the Christmas holiday. He tried to get her the day before but the girl, a former trackster, escaped.

But according to the Tampa Tribune, the girl's father and uncle had been waiting to see if he would try again, and so' 'nuff, the idiot did just that. For his efforts, he got a serious beatdown from Daddy, a trip to the hospital to treat his bumps and bruises, and a one way trip to the Orient Road Jail. The fellow has been charged with aggrevated stalking and attempted armed abduction...both felonies. Not to mention, the serious hard-timers reportedly enjoy predators behind bars.

Daddy's the hero in this story. If it were my daughter or granddaughter, the fool might not have made it to the jail.


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