Monday, October 25, 2004

Looking at what has happened while I spent eight hours at work, then three hours phone banking for Kerry/Edwards tonight:

--- Good news from our blogging community! FLORIDA POLITICS IS BACK!!! One of the most reliable political bloggers on the progressive scene had his domain "blogjacked" by a right wing author after the hurricanes, but it has been corrected and the RIGHTFUL OWNER has returned. He mentioned that it may be some time before he is able to return the site to it's previous readership, and the look is a bit different for now, but his return is good news. If you have the opportunity, drop by and leave him a message.

--- It hasn't been mentioned much in the ongoing debate between the presidential candidates, but here's another reason why this election is SO VERY IMPORTANT: Whoever is elected will have the potential to nominate at least two, and possibly three or even four, Justices of the Supreme Court. And it could happen sooner rather than later, considering the thyroid cancer of Chief Justice William Rehnquist. At age 80, he is one of the older Justices on the high court, and his conservative voice would be missed by the right wing.

--- It was really great to see former president Bill Clinton back on the campaign trail today, supporting John Kerry in Philadelphia. Clinton has such a great charm, and he will galvanize Democrats to the polls. His former Vice President, Al Gore, campaigned for Kerry today in South Florida.

--- Closer to home, Ron Zook was informed that his services would not be needed as head football coach at the University of Florida after this season, as well as the rest of his staff. Gator fans have expected nothing less than excellence, spoiled since the glory days of Steve Spurrier's reign as coach, and there are already hopes from fans that Spurrier will return to "The Swamp". But UF president Bernie Machen will have a big say in who fills those big shoes.
BTW: Don't bother going to; the server is "swamped".
Also...Florida is OUT of the Top Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles are BACK IN!


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