Friday, October 22, 2004

I was ready to sit down and write about all the hellacious traffic problems everyone in Lakeland could probably look forward to tomorrow (Saturday) as President Bush will be making a campaign stop at Joker Marchant Stadium. Now I read that officials have changed the venue from the main stadium to one of the nearby practice fields to accommodate Marine One, the president's helicopter. No motorcade; less traffic coordination headaches for the Lakeland Police Department. Too bad he won't see the "Imperial Polk County Welcome" some of us are planning, including the "Pants On Fire" mobile (pics are from a previous visit to Tampa).

--- More troubles for House Majority Leader Tom Delay. He's been subponeaed to testify in a Texas civil lawsuit in relation to the Lone Star State's bitter redistricting efforts last year and his role in using government resources in tracking down Democratic legislators who left the state in protest to prevent a quorum for a vote. The man has no ethics at all...

--- The Florida Supreme Court decided in a one page order Thursday not to reconsider their decision to strike down "Terri's Law". It's a loss for Jeb!, who has been a big advocate/supporter of Ms. Schiavo's parents in their fight against her husband against removing her feeding tube and thus ending her life. This case will undoubtly head to the United States Supreme Court.

--- And "The Rocket" ran out of fuel last'll be the St. Louis Cardinals -vs- the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. I'll pick Boston in six games...just too much talent there.


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