Friday, August 13, 2004

Another hurricane experience while we wait on Hurricane Charley...

In a past life I was a radio personality, starting my 15 year career in "the biz" in my native Mississippi. My first full time "gig" was doing overnights at the top 40 WNSL (better known as "SL-100") in Laurel-Hattiesburg...sadly, now part of Clear Channel's "Evil Empire". Anyway, I was on air during the middle of a hurricane when part of the station's roof came off...LITERALLY ON AIR! The jock I relieved at midnight and a friend he had brought (no visitors allowed) had decided not to risk driving in the deterioiating weather and stayed to help man the phones and pull AP copy. During one of my breaks when I was reading the latest information, we heard a noise and he stepped out of the studio to find out what it was. A few moments later he ran back into the studio yelling "THE ROOF'S COMING OFF!" as the mic was still live. A real Emmy moment!

It was in the management area of the building, and he with his friend kicked in the GM's office door and moved furniture which ended up saving many of the company's records.from certain water damage. We stayed on air throughout...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a great story!

I worked at radio stations in Nebraska and Wyoming and instead of Hurricanes we had regular Tornados throughout the summer. Closest call was out in a Rambler station wagon with the news lady as she TRIED TO CATCH the tornado. Luckily we got a flat tire instead.

Keep safe.


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