Thursday, August 12, 2004

The roads out of Pinellas County are jammed as people are paying attention and following the evacuation orders, affecting approximately 350,000 residents. More will be heading out in Hillsborough County as similar orders will become into effect at midnight. No school in Polk county tomorrow, as some facilities may need to be used as shelters for those from the coastal counties.

Meanwhile, in an act of incredible STUPIDITY, the Hillary Duff concert is scheduled to go on as scheduled tonight at the Sun Dome, no refunds for no-shows. Hmmmmmm...go to the concert or get ready to protect my property from the oncoming hurricane???? Sounds like the promoter needs to have some sense slapped into him...

Sounds like some of the other area bloggers are getting ready for Charley, at least according to Tommy at Sticks of Fire, who keeps up with what we are up to. He is usually able to find the newest blogs around the region before many of us do, and for that I'm grateful. Check him out.

As for MOI, it's work as usual least we'll start the day. Just like the postal service folks, neither rain, nor wind, nor possibly Catagory 3 Hurricane will prevent the MCI contract collection agents from getting those past due payments! Might get stranded when the Citrus Connection buses are grounded when the wind gets above 45 MPH, but we'll be there to get the job done!


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