Tuesday, October 31, 2006


One political ad I get a chuckle out of at this point is airing in the Tampa Bay area, and shows just how desperate one GOP candidate is to bring out the base.
The ad is from the campaign of former Hillsborough County Commissioner Ronda Storms, and attacks her Democratic opponent Stephen Gorham in their race for the State Senate District 10 seat. Although it's been airing for the past couple of weeks, it seems particularly appropriate for Halloween.

It features haunting music throughout, and features Gorham pictures discoloured and fading to make him look monsterous. The voiceover begins by asking why Gorham has been "lying" about Storms. The real laugh comes from the almost constant use of the word "liberal" during the 30 second ad. The caption at the bottom of the screen reads "LIBERAL STEPHEN GORHAM", and early on says that Gorham is backed by the "tax-and-spend liberal" crowd wanting to raise taxes. And at the end, the voiceover says that we "just can't trust liberal Stephen Gorham".

The "liberal" references are especially funny because Gorham is a conservative Democrat who bucks the traditional party line on several issues. His ads identifies him as being "pro-gun, pro-life" and accents his military service and traditional family values.

It's obviously a desperation attempt by the often controversial politico to scare the far-right base and independents that simply won't work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can't let this "lady" win - she is an awful person inside and out. She is rude to the people, disrespectful to other commissioners, and is embarrassing to us all!
Vote her out!

11:23 AM  

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