Sunday, October 22, 2006


A group of 30 officers with the Philadelphia Police Department had planned this trip since March, putting up a total of around $25,000 to enjoy a "guys weekend out" and enjoy their Eagles play football, something they do each year. This season, the lawmen chose Tampa and the Buccaneers - Eagles game today.

The package was to have included air fare, four nights accomondation, and tickets to the NFL game. Unfortunately, the travel agent had only paid for two of the nights for some of the officers, and no football tickets were forthcoming for anyone.

The story was highlighted on local newscasts Friday night, and the hospitality of Tampa Bay area football fans came through. By Saturday, area fans had donated 25 tickets to the game for the out of town group. The officers say they will try to return the ducats to their owners, as Buccaneers management came through after hearing of the officers' plight and guaranteed tickets for them all.

Not only that, the hotel that ended up getting shortchanged on the four night deal, the Holiday Inn Express near Raymond James Stadium, will "eat the cost" they were shortchanged by the travel agent.

When the group gets back to Philly, they say they will consult with the local district attorney about possible criminal fraud charges against the agent, Anthony Arthur of the Deleware-based You First Travel.

Good to have some good news every once in awhile, eh?


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