Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Everyone has heard or read by now that Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Chris Simms is hospitalized after having his spleen removed during emergency surgery Sunday following the team's loss to Carolina. He took several big hits during the game, missing only two or three plays to be looked at in the locker room and get IVed for dehydration.

With that type of injury, and the rehab needed to fully recover, the general belief is that Simms is done for this season. However, head coach Jon Gruden is not ruling out the fact that his QB could return to finish the season. According to a press release after the coach's day-after news conference, Gruden said:

“Yeah, it’s possible [Simms could return this season],” said Gruden. “Whether or not that’s the direction we want to go remains to be seen. I think it all depends on the next couple of weeks, honestly, and what we think is best for his future, physically. We’ll get all the information and respond accordingly. “I’m just very happy that he’s going to be okay.”

That seems to be the type of player Simms is. From the AP story Monday afternoon:

Texas coach Mack Brown related a story about Simms facing Nebraska in 2002, when the former Longhorns quarterback had an ugly looking dislocated finger on his throwing hand.

Simms went to the sideline, had it popped into place and finished with 419 yards passing, still a Texas regular season record.

"He wouldn't let us pull him out of the game. He said `Please call timeout so they can pop it back in.' He didn't want to miss a play," Brown recalled. "His competitiveness, his toughness, has never been a question."

Of course, we wish only the best for Chris Simms. That said, let's hope he'll take his time and be fully recovered before heading back into action.


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