Saturday, April 01, 2006


Jim Stratton reports in today's Orlando Sentinel that a mass exodus is expected beginning this weekend from the U.S. Senate campaign of Congresswoman Katherine Harris (R - Longboat Key), with sources close to the campaign saying the defections would touch "virtually every level" of the operation.

Harris, who is running against Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, is likely to lose her chief political strategist, her campaign manager, her spokeswoman, her director of field operations and even a traveling aide who helps hand out stickers at campaign appearances.

It is the latest and most dramatic indication so far that her campaign is on the verge of collapse.

The former Florida Secretary of State during the 2000 presidential election debacle doesn't seem to be prepared to call it quits, saying she would hire replacements for those staff members who have already left. Harris also reportedly told campaign workers they could stay, but gave them until 5:00 PM Sunday to recommit themselves to the effort.

It seems that Ms. Harris is looking everywhere except herself to dump the blame. Stratton writes:

Two sources familiar with what happened at the meeting said Harris, in part, blamed the staff for the chaos that has consumed the campaign...This week, Harris e-mailed supporters saying that the media have "relentlessly and personally attacked" her for months.

My favourite quote in the piece comes from GOP pollster/consultant David Johnson of Strategic Vision LLC, who said:

"Right now, I don't think anybody with any credibility would touch her...I'm not sure what she can do."

That's OK. The longer Ms. Harris remains in the race, the easier it'll be for Senator Nelson and Democrats in other races down the ballot. She reminds us of just how screwed up this administration and all it's apologists are. Now if we can get a credible candidate to challenge Congressman Adam Putnam (R - Bartow) here at home...


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