Saturday, April 09, 2005


I was watching some of the coverage this morning that the various news channels were giving to the wedding of HRH Prince Charles and Camille Parker Bowles, the climax (we won't go there!) of their three decades-long affair. Mrs. Parker Bowles, the new Princess of Wales (although she'll not be officially known that way so as to distance her from the late Princess Diana; she'll be known officially as the Duchess of Cornwall), is still looked upon dubiously by many in the UK's population. And the tabloids had some fun.

The Daily Star had this headline on front page:
AND THEY'RE OFF: Old nags race to finish...oh and it's the National too!
(NOTE: The National is England's biggest horse race, held in the same esteem there as race fans on this side of the 'big pond' view any of the Triple Crown races...especially the Kentucky Derby)

The Daily Mirror reads:
The advise was reportedly given by former royal butler Paul Burrell...the butler who I believe was accused of stealing personal items from Diana, which he said were given to him.

Of course, Queen Elizabeth II did not go to the civil ceremony because as Supreme Governor of the Church of England, she could not be seen in such an awkward position.

It was originally planned for Windsor Castle, but under British law if it had taken place there, any citizen could have requested to be married there...and it could not be prohibited, even by the monarch! The wedding also had to be moved a day so that Charles and other government and church officials could attend the funeral Mass of Pope John Paul II in Vatican City.

Well, against all odds...


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well... i dunt really like Bowles.... i dunt no how people are actually accepting that woman..
neways nice blog

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