Tuesday, February 15, 2005


As National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman is preparing to announce that the 2004-05 season is down the toilet (making it official Wednesday), it's always refreshing to know that baseball is on the way! Spring Training facilities are hastily being prepared as pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report Thursday, and the position players a couple of days later.

Enjoy it in Polk County...while you still can! The Kansas City Royals had to relocate to Fort Myers a couple of years ago, as their Baseball City complex is being turned into a major residential and business development. And the Cleveland Indians will likely be leaving after this year. Only the Detroit Tigers, who have had a relationship with Lakeland for over half a century, will remain locally.

Spring Training is always enjoyable, when the fans can usually enjoy the workouts and games up close and personal...at least a lot more so than you could during the regular season. And many of the players are a lot more accessable to sign autographs and "chew the fat". In Winter Haven, for instance, Hall of Fame pitcher Bill Feller is a regular site and always makes time for the fans. And it's great to watch the younguns' who may be relegated to the minors once training is done, but a few of them may become the future stars of Major League Baseball.

Bring It On!!!


Blogger tommy said...

So I guess my dreams of again going to Boardwalk and Baseball are dashed forever...

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