Sunday, January 02, 2005


The organization Media Matters has released it's "Ten Most Outrageous Statements of 2004", and we can thank the pundits from the extreme right for almost all of them:

Rush Limbaugh on the Abu Ghraib photos: "I'm talking about people having a good time, these people, you ever heard of emotional release? You ever heard of need to blow some steam off?"

Ann Coulter: "[Senator John] Kerry will improve the economy in the emergency services and body bag industry."

Tony Blankley called philanthropist George Soros "a Jew who figured out a way to survive the Holocaust."

Michael Savage: "When you hear 'human rights,' think gays. ... [T]hink only one thing: someone who wants to rape your son."

Oliver North: "Every terrorist out there is hoping John Kerry is the next president of the United States."

Pat Robertson on gays and lesbians: "[S]elf-absorbed hedonists ... that want to impose their particular sexuality on the rest of America."

Pat Buchanan: "[H]omosexuality is an affliction, like alcoholism."

Bill O'Reilly to Jewish caller: "[I]f you are really offended, you gotta go to Israel."

Bill Cunningham (Clear Channel radio host who appeared as a guest on The Sean Hannity Show): The election is over because "Elizabeth Edwards has now sung."

Jerry Falwell: "And we're going to invite PETA [to "wild game night"] as our special guest, P-E-T-A -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. We want you to come, we're going to give you a top seat there, so you can sit there and suffer. This is one of my special groups, another one's the ACLU, another is the NOW -- the National Order of Witches [sic]. We've got -- I've got a lot of special groups."


Blogger David R. Mark said...

Air America listeners, Please help!!!

Stop Wendi, The Hypno-Huckster; She’s Deceiving Cancer Victims By Saying Hypnosis Might Heal Them


My name is David Mark. I am a resident of Maplewood, N.J.. I am also a leukemia survivor, thanks to an adult stem cell transplant at Hackensack University Medical Center in 2001.

I am a regular Air America listener, but I am asking people to please call Air America Radio (646-274-4900), and reach either advertising representative Barbara Brown or East Coast advertising manager Leon Clark.

Air America Radio takes advertising from, the company run by hypnotherapist (not a doctor) Wendi Friesen. I am trying to convince Air America that they should cancel their contract with this huckster, and replace her with any other advertiser.

You can also help by calling the various on-air personalities and asking that they refuse to allow to advertise during their broadcasts.

It goes against the basic credo of Air America: transparency and honesty, and an educated society, will benefit us all. Wendi Friesen is not transparent and dishonest, and she is hoping for an uneducated society to drive up her sales.

I have nothing against the capitalist system. I have nothing against hypnosis CDs. But I do have a problem with Friesen.

One of the CDs she markets on her website (not on the radio station)is “Heal Your Body.” This is the pitch on her website:

“One of our best selling CDs. Designed for those with cancer, chronic or other serious illness, this program inspires you to choose LIFE, stimulates your immune system to fight, and some say ... creates miracles. Three sessions, one will access your ability to heal, the second will strengthen your immune system, another will cleanse your body of bacteria, viruses and toxins. This process can help to speed the healing of surgery, illness, or even a cold or sore throat.”

I find this repugnant, and dangerous for anyone who decides Friesen’s $29 CD is a worthy alternative to a trip to the doctor, a biopsy, mammogram, chemotherapy, etc. Friesen is spewing the lie that hypnosis can help you fight cancer. There is no medical evidence to support that, and there never will. For her uneducated clients, listening to the CD versus receiving medical attention could be a fatal decision.

Phone calls from enough concerned citizens can make a difference.


David R. Mark

12:31 AM  

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